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A Passion for Cloth

Emiland is the only company in Azerbaijan that produces a wide selection of high quality men`s
wear in the fashion world. When choosing a cloth, we look at the clothing and latest trends that
our buyers prefer, along with the textile and clothing market. Our suppliers are famous factories in
France, Italy and other European countries: Marzotto, Vitalie Barberis, Cerruti, Guabello and others.

You can conquer the world with the right clothing.

A new fashion era has come - there is no rule now. Now everything is individually styled and at the same time a combination of high and fast fashion, classic and young designers. "

About Cloth

The world's leading manufacturers of products (Hansel and Kufnering materials, Guterman and Amman
ropes) are used in modern products and high quality materials, as well as materials of natural high
quality raw material (walnut buttons are woven at the top). At the same time, taking into consideration
the individual characteristics of each cloth, the confetti (skirt selection) is made with prototype stitching.

  • Holland & Sherry
  • Dormeuil
  • Thomas Mason
  • Holland & Sherry

    Stephen George Holland and Frederick Sherry began trading in wool in England in 1836. Soon
    the company moved to Saville-Rowe Street and focused its attention on elite fabric production. The
    Holland & Sherry brand is a well-known brand of wool in the world. The company Holland & Sherry has
    so far produced high quality and luxurious fabrics from cashmere, silk velvet, natural linen and first-class

  • Dormeuil

    The distributor of "Dormeuil" company that is famous world-wide which was created in Paris in 1862, belongs to "Emiland" in Azerbaijan.

  • Thomas Mason

    Founded in Lancashire in 1796 by entrepreneur Thomas Mason, the eponymous label has been a landmark for elegance and quality, in the world of English shirting tradition.

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